Retail Units, Flats & Car Park, Notts

//Retail Units, Flats & Car Park, Notts
Fletchergate Retail Units, Flats & Car Park, Nottingham

Client: Wilson Connolly Homes

Estimation: £12.5 million

A six storey mixed use development, of the former Lacemakers AC Gill Site, in Nottingham City Centre, a prestigious location at the gateway to the Lacemarket area.

There is an underground car park throughout that involved very tight planning constraints relating to height, form and aesthetics.

There are five storeys of Residential units above the A3 retail units fronting Fletcher Gate, designed to meet tight acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

The development has a reinforced concrete substructure, basement, first floor and transfer structures designed to meet client requirements of large clear spans and unrestricted circulation areas.

The buildings are designed to meet full progressive collapse and accidental damage. They are constructed within the confines of a restricted city centre site with busy roads on all sides.

There is also an internal courtyard at first floor level over the A3 and underground car parking. The area is landscaped to form a piazza and gardens giving access to the flats.


Wilson Connolly Homes


Church Lukas

Structural Engineer

ABA Consulting