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Temporary Works Design

Designed to facilitate construction of the permanent structures, temporary works can be a vital element of any build. Examples include Propping Design, Working Platform Design, Tower Crane foundation design, Site Hoarding Design, Site Cabin Foundation Design, Temporary Drainage Connections, Plant Loading Designs, Falsework Design and Formwork Design.

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Employing ABA Consulting

We cover all aspects of temporary works design for our clients. Designing practical, cost effective solutions whether projects are above or below ground. ABA pride themselves on working through the complexity of given problems with smarter engineering solutions resulting in safer projects for all concerned. Whether we are employed as the permanent works engineers or not, we can provide you with the relevant expertise.

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Mimimising Delays

Temporary works can involve challenging situations which require quick, innovative and cost-effective solutions to minimise any delays in the construction programme and protect the safety of site workers.

Our clients value the advice we provide and regularly appoint us on subsequent projects.

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