Structural Design Engineering

/Structural Design Engineering

Forward Thinking and Proactive

Our experienced structural engineering and technical team at ABA has provided structural consultation on a number of award-winning projects and we provide this exceptional service for all projects awarded to us regardless of form or size.

Our approach is focussed around delivering excellent client service and working closely with all members of the design team to ensure project success.

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Our Approach

Our personal, common sense approach is why our clients come back to us time and time again. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with clients to ensure continuity and consistency throughout the project to completion.

Clarity of scope and briefing is one of the most important aspects of achieving success. We drive an early stakeholder consultation process to ensure our clients’ aspirations, desires, and drivers are fully understood, and we will always endeavour to deliver to those expectations.

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We work with the design team to bring a conceptual design to life, practically solving any structural challenges and incorporating value engineering along the way through the use of modern analytical tools, including computer-aided design (CAD), the latest 3D structural modelling packages, and building information modelling (BIM) using the latest REVIT software.

We liaise with authorities through the planning phase and develop the design for construction.

Regular site visits and communication with the contractor ensure that any unforeseen issues that arise are dealt with swiftly and cost effectively.

Why Choose Us

–  We love what we do

–  43 years in business

–  Professional & friendly

–  Experience & expertise

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